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Rev. Dr. Lian Taithul founded the Zo Presbyterian Church, USA, Inc. on October 9, 2016. Its inaugural was held at Memorial Presbyterian Church, with the first few members of ZPC. He worked under the leadership of Rev. Lindsay and was supported by tthe New Church Development Commission of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, PC(USA). Rev. Dr. Lianchinkhup Taithul was the founder and Organizing Pastor. He passed away on January 6, 2017, in a tragic train accident near Clarkston city three months after the establishment of ZPC. John Pauno Zo served as the lay leader of the church before finding a new pastor. The Zo PC leadership invited Khai Samte to be the Organizing Pastor of the Zo PC on January 21, 2017. Khai Samte accepted their invitation on March 4, 2017, and became the Organizing Pastor of the Zo PC since then. The election was held on March 5, 2017, and the following leaders were elected for 2017-2019.

Pastor Khai Samte resigned as ZPC pastor after a humiliating defeat by a group who wanted ZPC to stay together with a secret ballot vote, which he himself brought the motion to the meeting to split the ZPC church. 






Name            Position

Chairman: Chin Gen Mung

Vice-Chairman     Thang Lam Lian

Secretary: Sarah Vungsuanching Lane

Assistant Secretary: Thang Muan Lian

Finance Secretary: Thang Hau Lian

Treasurer: Thang Khen Pau



Explore Mission, where we'll learn more about the mission of God and how God purposes His people to join Him in His redemptive plan. In this two-part series, we'll learn how Jesus taught us to worship God and make disciples, discover what a missionary does, receive an overview of the history of mission and how we play a vital role in its history and explore ways that you can live on mission in the world today.

An election for the session of the second term 2018-2020 was held in December 2018, and the following leaders were elected for the 2018-2020 term:

Name                 Position

Chairman:          James Paupu

Vice-Chairman:    Thang En Mang

Secretary:            Chin Gen Mung

Assistant              Secretary: Kap Khan Hau

Finance Secretary: Kha Khai

Treasurer:             Kap Lian Hau

Leadership for the Presbyterian Women Fellowship was also elected on the same day, and the following leaders were elected by the members of the ZPC:

Name                     Position

Chairperson:            Ching Za Neem

Vice-Chairperson:      Niang Nuam Mang

Secretary:                Chingsuannuam

Assistant Secretary:    Kikim

Finance Secretary:     Niang Lam Lun

Treasurer:                  Cing Dei Man

Mission Department was created to better serve the mission of the Zo PC. The following leaders were elected for the Mission Department for the 2019-2020 term:

Name                Position

Chairman:           Thang En Mang

Secretary:            Kap Khan Hau

Finance Secretary: Bawinu

Treasurer:             Nuamneihat

Presbyterian Youth Fellowship:



Leader: Thang Hau Lian

Vice-Chairperson: Suan Khan Hau

Secretary: Chiinneiching

Assistant Secretary


Finance Secretary


Treasurer: Dim Lian Cing

                       LEADERSHIP 2019-2020 

Leadership for the Presbyterian Youth Fellowship was also elected on the same day, and the following leaders were elected by the members of the ZPC:



Leader:  Suan Khan Hau

Assistant Leader: Kyaw Lian

Secretary: Chiinneiching

Assistant Secretary: Lam Khua Lal

Finance Secretary: Ciin Ngaih Lian Cing

Treasurer: Dim Lian Cing

Departmental Committees such as Sunday School, Pulpit, etc. were also created to better serve the church’s ministry:

 Sunday School:

  1. Khai Minthang

  2. John Pauno Zo

Pulpit Committee:

  1. Organizing Pastor

  2. Sye John Pauno Zo

  3. Chairman, LCC

  4. Secretary, LCC

In August of 2019, when some leaders migrated to other cities and churches, the Zo PC was under the care of the Organizing Pastor until the church finally decided to hold a mid-term election. During the mid-term election, the following leaders were elected to serve until the end of the second term 2019-2020:



Chairman:             Max Min Lian

Secretary:              Kap Khan Hau

Finance Secretary:   Kha Khai

Treasurer:               Kap Lian Hau

Under the new leadership, official commitment to build a Mission Center at the Headquarters of the Zo Synod, Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, was signed for a Five-year Plan. The estimated cost for the building is $30,000-$35,000.