Our Programs

Social Services

Unity in Diversity is the theme of our social services. Embracing  who we are as an immigrants and refugees, cultural shock and everything is brand new to us. Social services is a must program for uneducated and new arrival refugees population who are yet to assimilate in the community. we are an organization that exists to empower, lead and mentor refugees through opportunities that provide for their well-being, education, and employment.

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Family Support

Resources & Assistance

As a new addition to our program, we offer assistance that extends beyond the classroom in order to support growing, healthy families.

We partner with our students to support their access to needed social benefits (Medicaid, Food Stamps, Health Care), school registration, transportation to appointments, navigating Early Intervention services (Babies Can't Wait), mental health referrals, and more. 

We utilize the gifts and time of staff and volunteers to support our students' needs in the most holistic way possible. 

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Relief Supplies Packaging

ZPC believes that we as a faith community has an important role to play in development and can contribute to tackling poverty and inequality through providing supplies to the needy and lees fortunate and upholding people’s basic rights.When we do not  treat and  respect people's rights who do not have the same opportunity as our, the consequences can be devastating for millions of people living and working in poverty.  This is particularly true in countries where there is a legacy of weak governance and rule of law, such as Myanmar.

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Community  Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of our program! ​We have a variety of opportunities: helping in classrooms, tutoring English, and gathering and distributing supplies. Volunteers can come for an hour several times a week, or stay for a couple of hours one day each week.

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ZPC partnered with the some of the Refugee agencies to assist the newly arrived immigrant and refugee families to resettle in the GA/Atlanta area. ZPC provided a free educational service to new immigrants and refugees to assist them in attaining employment and live in dignity.

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