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Our Programs

We love others because this is the core of Jesus’ message. We show our love for people by developing authentic relationships through outreach programs for medical appointments, education, weekday program for adults and the assistance..



We offer all types of opportunities for connection for both middle and high schoolers. We meet during the week for small groups and Summer Bible study, we hang out on nights, we share meals together, and we serve our community  and other service organizations.



We are a group committed to growing and learning in faith together, connecting with one another and with God. We have plenty of opportunities for fellowship and faith formation, and whether you’re single, engaged, or married, you are always welcome and invited. We’d love to get to know you!



We have an active and energetic senior adult ministry that provides opportunities for fellowship, service, worship and growth as disciples of Jesus. Everyone is welcome to join us!


We provide Seminars and workshops for parents from trained and specialized speaker from different denominations.

How Can We Help

We provide free services for the following. If you need any of our services, please contact the person in Charge.

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Mental Health Counseling

Due to the fast changing and emerging economics, life become more stressful and hectic each day. Many people are impacted because of this changes and affects psychologically, mentally and emotionally. We try to help people impacted by this through counseling and mentorship.

Healthcare Services

Transportation for medical appointments and othermgedical related service , please contact us.


Support Groups

Please call support group if you need any help.

Education & Training

We provide youth mentorship for youth especially on career awareness and study guide. We empower the youth to be independent and self-dependent for their survival as the job market become very competitive.

Housing & Employment Counseling

We are looking for ways to assist families and individual who lost job due pandemic win collaboration with Human Resources dept.

Benefits  Advocacy

We help families who are in need of social benefit from social welfare agencies in their areas.

We help them fill the forms, speak to agencies on their behalf, help interpret for needy families and individual.

Around the Center

If you need any of the following services and stuffs, you are free to collect from the given addresses.


The store open from Monday- friday

Time : 9 am- 5 pm

Computer Lab

Free basic computer training available for immigrants and refugees

Free Store

Donations are being given for the needy and refugees.

Open Library

Free Library open to immigrants and refugees.